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From Press Release to Print, Tips to Get Your Story Shared

Are you having trouble getting your story shared? Have you done your homework? Rather than sending your press releases out to the masses, try targeting individuals that you know will be especially interested in your story. This is where homework […]

We’re Turning it UP in the Greater DC Area!

  We are starting our  New Year off with a bang by expanding to the Greater DC Area! We are excited to introduce our new team member Leslie Heimer, Vice President and Public Relations Specialist, who will be overseeing our […]

Copy That?

  Compelling copy is very necessary in our overstimulated world. Coming up with unique ways to attract your target audience is our specialty. This is a little piece that we wrote copy for recently. La Porta Rossa is our favorite local […]

What’s Your Story?

“Storytelling” may seem like a term supporting the idea that public relations is “spin,” but the greatest public relations professionals are excellent story tellers! It is important to create messages and find the right ways to relay them, in a […]

Pitch Perfect

Many of our clients get nervous when pitching stories to the media, so we thought we would put together some tips for throwing the perfect pitch. Following our own advice, we will be straight and get to the point! Be […]


Per.cep.tion: Psychology – a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present. Perceptions. People make them every day. What are they perceiving about your company or organization? If it is negative, how do you change it? If it is positive, how do you spread it? Perceptions are based […]

4 Tips to Turn Up Your Press Release

Press releases are good for your business. They draw public attention, improve company image, and boost brand recognition. That is, if they ever make it to the audience! Here are some tips to help turn up your press releases! 1. […]