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Can You See Me Now Facebook?

I have been asked over and over again about Facebook fan pages and their lack of organic reach lately. It’s true that Facebook’s organic reach has declined, and many people don’t want to spend money on a service that was […]

I Just Called to Say I Love You!

Text messaging. It’s fast, convenient, easy, and it can be fun. But….it can also be very impersonal, and misunderstood. Have we have reached a time where we are so wrapped up in our own agendas that we avoid the possibility […]

So Who Needs PR??

If you have so much business that you are turning people away, you may not need public relations. But in some cases, even if your sales are skyrocketing and you don’t need promotion, you may want to put a PR […]


Now that so many are struggling with overloaded inboxes, it’s important to be extra sensitive to anything that could inconvenience or cause extra work. It’s just good manners! Here are some tips. Read them, digest them, and don’t forget to […]

Turning Up Your Message is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

This outline is from my presentation to the Bartow Chamber Young Professionals. I wanted to show them by utilizing three things, they could easily turn up their message! I hope it will be helpful to you as well. 1. Media […]

Is Your News Newsworthy?

Clients look to us for advice on what is or is not newsworthy before sending out a press release. We thought it would be helpful to share some tips to help you decide if your news is newsworthy! Timing The […]

Are You Practicing Transparent Marketing?

Transparent Marketing refers to the non-deceptive tactics used to engage consumers. More importantly, it refers to the non-deceptive tactics that consumers expect. Consumers no longer allow big media, corporations or any seller to lie to them. They want to understand […]

You Can’t Always Get What You Want!

Things can change in an instant. One minute, everything is rolling along smoothly when BAM…out of the blue, something unexpected happens. Just like you need insurance in the event of an accident, every organization needs an effective crisis communication plan. […]

Top Tips Learned From FPRA Polk’s Media Boot Camp!

We had a wonderful morning with FPRA Polk at their Media Boot Camp! We would be doing you a horrible injustice if we didn’t come back with some key points to share! So, here is the latest and greatest that […]

It’s the Little Things

Never under estimate the power of a thoughtful gesture! Part of building relationships is developing the warm fuzzy with your clients. This can be done simply by reaching out to them in creative ways. Understand, being creative doesn’t have to […]