What’s Your Story?

“Storytelling” may seem like a term supporting the idea that public relations is “spin,” but the greatest public relations professionals are excellent story tellers! It is important to create messages and find the right ways to relay them, in a world bombarded with hundreds of media forms and channels that are constantly updating.

Good storytelling from a public relations perspective is having a point of view or theme, focusing on one person or thing, and taking your audience on a journey through trials and tribulations. In the end, finally arriving at some new point, but now changed. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a country, company, product, person or cause; if you tell the story with the same structure, elements, and path of all great stories, your message will be heard and acted on. And, in business, whoever tells the best story wins!

Here are a few tips to help you become a story teller: 

First, stop trying to sell. Learn how to engage an audience, not manipulate them. Second, read some books on writing non-fiction and journalism. Find someone who has no vested interest in your story and tell it. Be prepared for what that person has to say. If your audience doesn’t get it, they won’t buy it. Third, while images, audio and video can enhance your story; an effective story relies on top-notch writing. Writing more frequently will help to improve skills, and keep in mind fewer words makes the end result more efficient and effective.

Hopefully these tips are a start to making storytelling second nature, as we continue to fight to gain the attention of time-starved audiences!

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