4 Tips to Turn Up Your Press Release

Press releases are good for your business. They draw public attention, improve company image, and boost brand recognition. That is, if they ever make it to the audience! Here are some tips to help turn up your press releases!

1. Stay true to your brand. There are many channels to share your press release through and each has its own communication style. Be sure to present the same information on each outlet, while tailoring each for any audience differences that may exist between them. It is also important to keep the look and feel of your brand consistent both online and offline. Despite the different places viewers find your messages, consistency is key to achieving the highest levels of brand recognition.

2. Consider content. There are multiple channels to recycle a message. Get creative about where you can re-purpose information to increase the life of the message. To get the most out of your content, consider using parts, or all of your press release in blogs, email letters, media kits, interviews or video to support the message. Be strategic on how you insert key words and anchor text that will continually drive readers to your brand. A well-written and promoted press release is a great tool for reaching a larger audience!

3. Keywords are key. Integrating the phrases your brand is trying to gain visibility for online is critical in reaching your online marketing goals with your press release. Leveraging relevant keywords ensures that the content is optimized and your press release can be found when prospects are searching for information.

4. Utilize social media. Social media outlets are great for distributing public relations messages. Be sure that your content is appealing and offers valuable information that viewers crave. When your message is well received, you can cover a wider audience with less distribution costs.

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