From Press Release to Print, Tips to Get Your Story Shared

Are you having trouble getting your story shared? Have you done your homework? Rather than sending your press releases out to the masses, try targeting individuals that you know will be especially interested in your story. This is where homework comes in to play. Research. It is vital. Think about the story-is the reporter interested in you or your product? Can you tie your product in to some fact that he or she IS interested in? This type of matchmaking works.

You want to position yourself as a valid source, providing newsworthy information. Otherwise, don’t waste a reporter’s time. Keep in mind that a ton of thought goes in to pitching a story. Something that is perfect for your local paper may be no news at all for a national magazine. The idea of dumping releases on journalists everywhere without taking the time to do your homework will get you in trouble every time.

The homework is not that hard. ¬†We promise. For starters, it’s best to do your research with a newspaper or other publication in your hands. The Internet should be within reach as well as a secondary source. Once you have found a likely reporter in the publication, you can use the Internet to check their past stories. Once you have researched the reporter, and have read through their stories you will know for sure if he or she is yours! :)

Reporters appreciate you taking time to know who they are, and what they write about. This is key to building lasting relationships, and getting your story shared. If you need help, give us a shout, we are happy to help!

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