Per.cep.tion: Psychology – a single unified awareness derived from sensory processes while a stimulus is present.

Perceptions. People make them every day. What are they perceiving about your company or organization? If it is negative, how do you change it? If it is positive, how do you spread it?

Perceptions are based on messages received. What messages do you want shared? Identify those and take time to insure they are consistent in everything you do.  Always stay true to your core messages, always. Then, back those messages up with actions. Provide a quality product or service and if you make a mistake, fix it. People are talking constantly, and when they talk about you, you want them to spread positive messages. Today, messages can be spread with the click of a mouse and shared over and over again in an instant. If a problem arises, a perception can be changed in an instant with compassion, and willingness to make a wrong right!

Who doesn’t like good news? Good news gets passed on too! Be sure that you are engaging your customers and they will take it from there. Make their day and they will update their status, tweet, blog, etc. Let the sharing begin. Ask your customers or clients for their feedback. People need to feel validated, and if you show them that their opinion matters to you, they will feel honored.

Perceptions are powerful, but so is the ability to change them or utilize them for good!

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