Pitch Perfect

Many of our clients get nervous when pitching stories to the media, so we thought we would put together some tips for throwing the perfect pitch. Following our own advice, we will be straight and get to the point!

Be pertinent: No one likes to read an email that doesn’t apply to them, and if the wrong person receives it- it most likely will be deleted. Instead of sending mass pitches to everyone in your contact list, take time to understand each journalist and their area of coverage. That way when you talk to them, you are speaking their language and you’ll be more likely to receive a positive response.

Be direct: Always assume that your reader knows nothing about the product or service you are pitching. Be clear about why the product is a fit for coverage. When you explain in detail why readers would be interested in the news, you make it easier to visualize why it is a good fit.

Get to the point: Practice your elevator pitch. If you can sell your product or idea in just a few sentences, you will be ready to pitch it anywhere, and fast. Remember this when you send email pitches, and keep them under three or four sentences. You’ll save yourself time and your reader will thank you!

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