Are You Practicing Transparent Marketing?

Transparent Marketing refers to the non-deceptive tactics used to engage consumers. More importantly, it refers to the non-deceptive tactics that consumers expect. Consumers no longer allow big media, corporations or any seller to lie to them. They want to understand exactly what they are sold and they want the message to the point. If it is not, they will most likely pass over it.

The basic formula of Transparent Marketing is to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Instead of having a full page dedicated to half-truths and fluff the consumer won’t believe anyway, get to the point:

• Strip your messages of all information that is not absolutely accurate.

• Substitute descriptions for specific facts.

• Throw out subjective adverbs, adjectives and prepositional phrases that just “sound” interesting. Delete and be succinct.

• Don’t brag. Let repeat customers, peers and reviewers spread your good news for you.

• Admit your weaknesses, this form of marketing works with today’s consumers because they don’t believe hype. They are bombarded every day by “revolutionary”, “best of the best” messages. Be real.

The best way to increase your bottom line is for consumers to hear your message, and for that message to be believed and retained. A transparent, truthful message is the way to achieve that!

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