Now that so many are struggling with overloaded inboxes, it’s important to be extra sensitive to anything that could inconvenience or cause extra work. It’s just good manners! Here are some tips. Read them, digest them, and don’t forget to use them!

1. Read over your e-mail before you send it, even when you are in a rush! Treat them like any other business letter. For good perspective, ask a someone to read over important e-mails BEFORE you hit send.

2. Keep it short. So many of us receive e-mails on smart phones, and you know a message looks twice as long on your handheld anyway.

3. In the body of your message, mention any attachments. Make sure to tell the recipients what they contain.

4. NEVER send an e-mail when you are angry. Never. Consider first sending it to yourself to read over before hitting send.

5. Avoid HUGE attachments. Some graphic files can be too large for people to open. Be kind, and send a link to a website where they can go to download any documents they need.

6. Write a handwritten note from time to time! Taking the time and care to send a handwritten letter says a GREAT deal about you!

7. Stop checking your email when you are with your spouse, family, or friends. It’s just RUDE! And try taking an ENTIRE day off from e-mail every now and then. It’s good for you!










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