I Just Called to Say I Love You!

Text messaging. It’s fast, convenient, easy, and it can be fun.

But….it can also be very impersonal, and misunderstood.

Have we have reached a time where we are so wrapped up in our own agendas that we avoid the possibility of real conversation by sending a text or an email? Does the reality of knowing you don’t have to dial a number or even respond until it’s convenient outweigh our need to engage? I believe the answer is yes, and this bothers me.

Am I anti-text? NO, absolutely not. But I am pro-relationship. Something is missing, and that is effort. Because of this, relationships are being lost.

A popular question I receive is, “how can I best promote my business?” My answer is through relationships. Above all else, relationships are a must, and how better to build them than with genuine effort? For example, if you need to thank someone a call speaks volumes over a text message, literally. Hearing your voice confirms that you really mean thank you. They will appreciate that you took the time to call and engage in conversation with them. If someone takes time to call you, answer the phone or call them back, even if you can’t call until later. Responding by text sends the message that they aren’t worth the effort of a phone call.

I understand that text messages are a must, and they may be the only way to communicate at times. But, I encourage you to make effort towards real communication. Mix it up! Pick up the phone and call, listen to someone’s voice, set up a time to meet, and invest in real relationships. It will pay off in more ways than one, I promise! -Cathy










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