It’s the Little Things

Never under estimate the power of a thoughtful gesture! Part of building relationships is developing the warm fuzzy with your clients. This can be done simply by reaching out to them in creative ways. Understand, being creative doesn’t have to be expensive! In the digital world that we live in, receiving a handwritten note in the mail speaks volumes. It says that you took the time to pick it out, write it, and put it in the mail. Find out your client’s likes and interests, and then put your creativity in motion. Think of ways to incorporate their likes into random gestures. Deliver invoices with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, or offer to run an errand for them if you know they are in a bind. Pay attention to what is going on in their lives,  and be looking for ways that you can creatively interject an act of kindness! Building solid relationships with your clients promotes priceless word of mouth advertising. For us, the biggest reward is brightening our client’s day!

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