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Local Public Relations Firm Demonstrates Random Acts of Kindness

LAKELAND, FL, MARCH 27, 2011 – On Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Crescendo Public Relations held a free seminar for non-profit organizations. 16 Polk County non-profit organizations attended along with representatives from other local businesses. The seminar focused on how to utilize public relations to distribute messages. As an added surprise, after making contact through Twitter, the firm used Skype to conference call public relations guru and best selling author, Richard Laermer, who interacted live with seminar attendees.

“We didn’t want to launch our business using traditional methods such as form letters or announcements. We want to let the community know that we are here, and show them first hand what we do,” said Principal and Director, Cathy Hayes. One of Crescendo’s first pro bono projects was managing public relations for Culture Rock, Polk County’s largest purity conference, also a non-profit organization. “The best stories happen to those who can tell them. We want to use our skill sets to help organizations in the community share their successes with the greatest breadth of impact, to better Lakeland and beyond,” said the firm’s Creative Director, Casey Taylor.

Celebrating the launch of their new website, be on the lookout as this public relations firm distributes random acts of kindness, or what they call, “Random Acts of Crescendo”, throughout the community. Crescendo’s new website, www.prturnedup.com, developed by Barrett Creative, will feature a blog with weekly public relations tips and ongoing advice, another way this company will continue to give back to the community.

About Crescendo Public Relations

Located in Lakeland, FL, Crescendo is a boutique public relations firm. From media relations to corporate communications, the Crescendo team develops comprehensive, strategic plans tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Crescendo defines marketing and public relations objectives, develops key message points, and determines the most efficient method for reaching target audiences.


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