So Who Needs PR??

If you have so much business that you are turning people away, you may not need public relations. But in some cases, even if your sales are skyrocketing and you don’t need promotion, you may want to put a PR plan in place to avoid any negative publicity or be prepared in the event that bad press comes your way! Some other reasons you may need PR are:

-To Grow the Business

-To make more money

-To increase sales

Lawyers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, and other professionals can promote their practices with public relations. A dose of good PR will take the ordinary to extraordinary! For example, my daughter had a dentist appointment today. My son was there with me waiting patiently for 45 minutes. When she finished,¬†Dr. Bopp¬†came out and said hello to my son and personally took him back to give him a balloon, even though he didn’t receive treatment. He is that kind every time! It’s one thing to provide a great service, but going the extra mile to make your clients smile is excellent PR. You can bet your bottom dollar I will be talking about him and I always refer my friends with children to him.

Cost is one of the great appeals of PR to both small businesses and large corporations alike. Small business with limited budgets can’t come close to matching the advertising budgets of large competitors. Strategic PR can help them level the playing field and get the same, or in many cases better promotional bang for less bucks! So who needs PR? You do!



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