Top Tips Learned From FPRA Polk’s Media Boot Camp!

We had a wonderful morning with FPRA Polk at their Media Boot Camp! We would be doing you a horrible injustice if we didn’t come back with some key points to share! So, here is the latest and greatest that we learned from the media themselves!

– The subject line of your email is SUPER important. You have this ONE line to get their attention!

-Don’t get too fancy, stay relevant to your audience.

-Copy your press release into the body of your email. You can attach a copy as well, but make it easy for them to get the information with the least amount of steps possible!

-Be short, and quick. Who, what, when, where, why, and how in the first paragraph.

-ALWAYS check the community calendar before planning an event!

-Time Facebook/Twitter updates with news releases.

-Be media friendly, provide a list of experts and items they can talk about for interview purposes.

-Research your target media, know what they are writing about and covering.

-Always give as much advance notice as possible for events, and follow up with friendly reminders as time gets closer.

-Know and respect the difference between reglular news and breaking news!

-Be honest, ethical and moral. Build relationships by always putting local media first! They live in and care about what is happening in our community!

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