What We Do

Strategic Planning

We understand that in our media-saturated world, public relations firms must do far more than simply distribute your message. They must make your message compelling, and that is our specialty. From media relations to corporate communications, the Crescendo team develops comprehensive, strategic plans tailored to your company’s specific needs. We help you define your marketing and public relations objectives, develop your key message points, and determine the most efficient method for reaching your target audience.

Corporate Public Relations

Every company wants to increase public awareness of their brand, product or service. We work to strengthen your corporate identity through detailed strategic planning including brand positioning/revitalization, business-to-business communication, media and analyst relations, and increased community visibility through corporate/community giving.

The written press release is soon to be a past effort of message distribution. Through well-established media relationships, we bring your message to the attention of local and national media. We work with you to develop newsworthy releases; we tailor each story pitch and distribute it to specifically targeted media contacts. Our use of alternative press release delivery options sets us apart. We pride ourselves in keeping our relationships with the media positive and sincere.

Social Media Outreach

It’s one thing to experiment on Twitter and Facebook; it’s an entirely different thing to embrace social media as a necessary constant for every initiative and campaign. The Internet opens a whole new world of possibilities for our clients. Blogging, podcasts, webcasts, social networking sites and other forms of viral marketing bring your message to a whole new audience. We can help you tap into those mediums to produce even better results for your company.

Special Events

Whether it’s a grand opening, a groundbreaking, an anniversary or other special function, our creative professionals at Crescendo plan, organize and execute memorable events that bring recognition to and enhance positioning for your product or business.

Community Relations

We have a strong passion for supporting local civic organizations and working hands on to assist in community enhancement projects. We help you identify and target appropriate community groups and philanthropic activities that help build meaningful neighborhood partnerships and enhance your company’s identity within the community.

Crisis Communications

No one anticipates a crisis. In the unfortunate event one occurs, Crescendo is prepared to guide your company through the difficult times. We manage media inquiries and train spokespeople to stay on message. We then analyze the repercussions and determine the best way for your organization to make a comeback.

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